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Flox coasters are made from recycled rubber which comes from tyres that were discarded in the USA.

Based and manufactured in Los Angeles, Flox Coasters are a creation by Maria Alcaide, a first generation 'coaster'er' and fourth generation coaster user! A former entertainment executive, Maria could never reconcile her feelings on whether she started Flox because of her passion for coasters, or because of her deep hatred of water rings. Either way, Flox was born.

Since Flox launched in 2013, it has produced a wide range of designs that suit all types of decor. Maria's dream is to produce coasters that are "quirky enough to make you go 'hmmm'.... and tasteful enough to perfectly complement that awesome mid-century modern, rustic, reclaimed, antique heirloom, appalachian teak tabletop you just absolutely adore and need to protect"!

For more information visit www.floxhome.com.

Their Ethics

When people go to change their tyres the tyre centre takes the old tyres and sells them to a grinder. From there the granules are sold to a rubber factory that puts them into a giant vat and mixes them with glue and then heat press this mixture down into flat sheets. These sheets are commonly used in schools, gyms, and fields all over the USA.

To apply the coaster designs the rubber sheets are printed with UV curable inks. The sets are packaged in a black box made from ‘clay coated news back paperboard.’ This is made from 100% recycled fibres and is also recyclable.

All stages of the Flox Home production process are carried out within the Los Angeles area.

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